Indoor Signs

Indoor Signs

There are many types of indoor signs, from the small desk sign to large way-finding signs. At Vivid Signs we specialise in all aspects of the indoor sign business, from simple door signs to large information points.

We help our clients find the right indoor signs for their application, from design to aiding them in finding the best location for the sign. Indoor signs are designed to create a professional and organised impression for clients, customers and visitors.

We use a variety of materials for indoor signage that include Brass, Perspex, Stainless Steel, Engraving, Laminate and Vinyl.

Below are a few examples of indoor signs:

  • Braille and tactile signs
  • Internal Notice Boards
  • Health and safety signs
  • Window graphics
  • Way-finding signs
  • Information Point Signs
  • Exhibition Signs and Display
  • Suspended Ceiling Signs
  • Directory Signs
  • Reception Signs

Choosing the right finish for an indoor sign is very important, especially when areas are artificially illuminated. You may need a matt, rather than glossy or shiny, finish to eliminate the glare from the lighting.

There are many important factors when choosing the correct indoor signage; this is where Vivid Signs can help you choose the correct option for your application. Indoor signage systems will allow you to create different types of signs in a range of sizes and variations which will allow you to carry your corporate branding identity throughout your entire location.

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